Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corrupted Infant Vaccine Contains Pig Virus

It's amazing that my wife and I have to explain ourselves for not vaccinating our (now) 3 year old daughter on schedule. We have a 24 year old autistic son, who was completely normal until age 2. We have two other grown children that have their share of learning disabilities. The older three children all got their vaccines on schedule. Of course they did, I was active duty military, moving every 2-3 years. Everyone had to be medically cleared to travel. And it's not like I had the option to say NO.

When our fourth child was born, I was a long time retired. We made a conscious decision to go slow with the vaccines. We didn't even start her vaccines until she was 2, with the exception of the vitamin K shot when she was born. We wanted to wait until her immune system was strong.

So far she's completely normal. In fact, she seems to be much more progressed for her age then the other three. Maybe that's just my mid-forties parenting that notices all the things I was too busy to notice in my twenties. But I doubt it.

When I heard the FDA had pulled the plug on the rota-virus vaccine, even if temporarily, I felt a sense of victory for the cause of NOT being force to vaccinate my child. If there's someone for me to blame if and when she grows up to have a learning disability, it will be me. It beats fighting faceless government agencies that fell they are providing for the greater good.

Corrupted Infant Vaccine Contains Pig Virus

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