Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick Steps to Stop Stress

This article is about a subject very near and dear to me. But not necessary the stress part, but it's the "panic" it stirs. If I didn't know better I'd think the author had me in mind when she wrote it.

These simple steps are not new or Earth-shattering. However, they bear repeating. When I'm experiencing stress and panic, I need to be reminded of ways to deal with it. Combined with my ADHD, stress can be all consuming. This past winter was a prime example. I knew the snow was coming, I knew it was going to be worse than anything in recent history, but I still worried about it liked the whole world was going to come to a standstill. It almost did in some areas, but maybe I've watched too many of those "end of life as we know it" science fiction movies.

In any case, I hope this article helps those that need it.

Quick Steps to Stop Stress

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