Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stop Mercury Contamination in Streams! - The Petition Site

I live just a few short miles from the Potomac River and not all that far from the Patuxent River. It's widely known here in the Maryland/Virginia area to not eat anything out of those waterways, for many reasons. Now add Mercury to that. I've noticed the commercials recently about how much land coal mining destroys, I always thought coal mining was underground. I believe we need to make mandates to outlaw historical practices and force the industries to move to cleaner sources of fuel. The bad part is there will be a cost, and as we all know, right now people as a whole are not open to anything that will cost them more to maintain their lifestyle. Let's hope we don't destroy ourselves before we get smart about what's right.

Stop Mercury Contamination in Streams! - The Petition Site

John Crawford

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