Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How ADHD and Anxiety Work Against Each Other

It's taken me to the backside of 40 to get any insight into the ADHD that has haunted me all my life. In recent years I've actively learned how to combat it, but it has it's drawbacks.

People who suffer from ADHD normally have other problems, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, Social Anxiety Disprder, and so on. It's not hard to see why. I can remember the early years of my life when I wasn't afraid of anything, or not much. I'm not talking about as a little kid, I mean as an adult.

Society just chalks it up to immaturity, but it's more than that. With ADHD you tend to no fear the obvious things like the dark, heights and fast cars. And I didn't, nit until my early thirties. That was the first time I was diagnosed with ADHD and given medicine. It wasn't all at once, but over time that cape I wore that allowed me to function, to go and do without worrying about the weather, or whether it was night or day, money.

Back then I didn't have a cell phone as many who read this didn't. We went and did our thing, didn't worry about the what if. Now we're maternally attached to our cell phones if for no other reason than if something happens.

As I learned to navigate around the ADHD, I bacme more and more aware of the things around me. That unbearing of the soul opens the door for fear, anxiety, and panic, to name a few. So in the process of learning manners, being considerate, thinking about the consequences beyond myself, other things creep in.

Today, I am much less a person with ADHD, and allot of someone that worries about ewverything. In navigating the ADHD, I opened myself up to having to consciously deal with things I wasn't actively thinking about before. That's when the "internaizing" happens, the over analyzing - anxiety and panic set in.

It may sound like a op out, but it is real. I'm guessing doctors will read this and say I'm full of hot air, Well bring it on, I'd love to beat this.

I guess if I had my choice of being ADHD or suffering from anxiety, I'd rather be ADHD. Life was much funner, and enjoyable. I don't think my family like me that way cause I was an inconsiderate jerk. But they also don't like having to submit to my cautious lifestyle of fear and anxiety. Neither is a good life.

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