Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Vaccinate Your Child, Or Not?

This article relates very near and dear to me. Having a 24 year old Autistic son, and firmly believing that vaccines were the cause, I make an appeal to all parents to delay vaccines for your child. While the naysayers of the vaccine-autism link seem to get the best press, I'll concede that maybe my son doesn't have Autism, therefore maybe they're right. I would then argue the vaccines induced mercury poisoning, which caused "Autism" like symptoms. Something, not genetic, caused this to my son.

Either way, when my youngest was born, we made a conscience decision to NOT get her vaccinated until she was 2 years old, and we've staggered them out since then. She is healthy and spirited, and smart as a whip. Our other three children were all vaccinated on schedule, as I was in the military and you dare not comply with such things. She's unlike our other three children in her development, his speech is excellent, and she is learning to read; she's not even 4 yet.

I am convinced it is directly related to the delayed vaccines. You be the judge...

To Vaccinate Your Child, Or Not?

John Crawford

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