Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can There Be a Cure For Autism?: A New Drug Raises a Much-Disputed Question

Since I don't believe that people are born with autism, then a "cure" for autism is certainly possible. A pill, though, may be a stretch especially for adults with autism. While it is encouraging that efforts are showing fruit, I believe it's going to take more than a daily pill to undo the devastating effects of immunizations and environmental influences.

My autistic son is 24 years old now. He doesn't read, write, or talk, though he attending school until he was 21. When he was 5, he spent 3 months at the Kennedy (Kreiger) institute in Baltimore, MD. For years after that his behavior was great, but still had the occasional outburst. In the last few years, however, he has become increasingly hard to handle. Maybe it's just me getting old. But he has these rituals that are not only extremely irritating, but expensive.

At first, it was the changing of his clothes repeatedly throughout the day (and night sometimes). But he has started throwing away - everything, especially what's in the refrigerator. We recently went through 4 gallons of milk in a weekend. He has learned to sneak into the kitchen and quietly dump or pour out anything he can. So I bought a cable bicycle lock for the refrigerator. So he went into the bathroom and emptied everything out, and dumped it in the trash.

Unfortunately, our house is not setup to confine him, or to block off the kitchen. I wouldn't want to block him in just in case there was a fire or some type of emergency.

All that aside, and my frustrations. If this pill ever make it to the general public I would gladly try it. If it can improve my son's behavior, even a little bit, I would be happy (and surprised).

Can There Be a Cure For Autism?: A New Drug Raises a Much-Disputed Question

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