Saturday, October 20, 2007

Video - History of Mercury Poisoning

The text provided with this YouTube video does not do it justice. But thus short and simple history lesson goes all the way back into the 1800's when mercury was used for teething pain. The mannerism and behavior of young boy in the video reminds me of my son. Many times we've watched him cry for no explainable reason. It should be ILLEGAL to use mercury for anything that may come in contact with the body, inside or out. While there is no question about the damage mercury can cause, our brilliant medical community in the US has no problem allowing a microscopic amount to be injected into our young children. And they know it does cause Autism, as does the government and the pharmaceutical companies. They know it would skyrocket costs to remove all mercury (Thimerisal) from all vaccines. Moreover, doing so would be an admission there IS a connection to autism and they'd go bankrupt from the lawsuits.

Video - History of Mercury Poisoning

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