Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bush Plans to Veto Removal of Mercury From Infant Vaccines

It should be a crime to be so socially irresponsible. But hey, we're talking about a political figure, the leader of the free world as we know it. And being the US President, even if he had committed a real crime, he couldn't be convicted. I try very hard to stay off my political soapbox with these issues, but this one is jumping on my last nerve begging for attention.

Must a person be a parent of an autistic person to be sympathetic to the cause?

At this point in my son's life it's moot. He's 21 and far beyond this. But I have an infant at home who's gonna need immunizations. At 7 Months, we've not allowed her to get vaccines...yet. And she has not been sick one day in her short life, no fever, no ear aches, nothing. Put that in your pipe and smoke.

But we do know that she will need to get immunized for things such at Tetanus, Polio, etc. It's worries me to know that in this day of technology and political correctness that our medical knowledge is so screwed up. Thimerosal should be a banned substance, like cocaine or plutonium. We spend millions to ensure automobiles have 8 friggin' airbags and 10 cup holders, but we can't get a deadly substance from vaccines the government forces on us.

I mean, I guess Mr. Bush would have to divert some attention away from that paradox he created in Iraq. One thing is certain, he would be a much different parent if his daughters had grown up autistic. It's clear he has no clue about allot of issues, thimerosal in vaccines is just one of them.

The fact is, he has the power to make a huge difference in all of this. Obviously he's not gonna try to make it better. I guess that's why regular people like me do not go into public office. I'd use my position to help people and try to make the world a better place. That would prove to be a very busy, and unprofitable venture as opposed to the status quo.

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