Saturday, December 10, 2005

Daily Update 12/10/2005

My intent when I started the Daily Update segment was to have something everyday. However, too many days there's simply nothing to add. John's teachers used to write a lot in his book, but lately, it's been slim pickins'.

This week has been a bit crazy. We had two snow storms come through this week, so there was no school yesterday. He went Monday though after the first snow. His sleep schedule is really messed up, and it's not easy to fix. It's extremely difficult to get John to stay awake when he is sleepy, or to wake him up when he just don't want to be up. He tends to get very grouchy and aggressive.

We've tried to cut down on the amount of soda drinks we have in our house. For one, if John gets even an ounce of caffeine, he's wired for sound, "Up-All-Night" as Rhonda Sheer would say. The other is the high concentration of artificial substance called high fructose and corn syrup. These are just two of the things that can cause diabetes.

Well I had bought a 12 pack of Mountain Dew for my wife, and John must have got into it. After being up most of the Sunday night, he went to school 2 hours late because of snow, but slept at school. It's a special education center so it's not your normal kid slumped over his desk in English class.

On Thursday evening, I took my younger son to JuJitSu class. My wife called during class and said to just pickup dinner at Subway becuase John had thrown a fit and busted some dishes, and there was broken dishes all over the dining room. She had asked him to clear the table and bring any dishes to the kitchen so she could start making dinner. She's not sure if he threw the plate down, slammed it with his fist, or banged his head on the table hitting the plate, but it sure made a mess. Not sure what could have set him off, since the usual suspect was out with me.

One thing's for sure, a little caffeine and all bets are off. It really screws with his system. We're trying our best to get him back on schedule for Monday - back to school.

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