Monday, November 28, 2005

Daily Update 11/28/2005

After 5 days off, John went back to school uneventfully. Long weekends can be a big problem if he gets off his sleep schedule. The teacher didn't write in his book today, so he must have had a good day. He has new teachers this year, after having the same teacher the last several years. All his teachers and aids are female, and they've got him figured out. It was a rough start to the school year, but they quickly got him under control. His "episodes" have been few and far between.

Over the weekend he helped his brother and I sort pieces of cut plywood. My younger son is doing a boy scout eagle project, building shelters for ferral cats. On Friday we made a template and built the "prototype". It was a cold 22 degrees when we started and a wind. On Saturday it wasn't quite as cold. We managed to get all the wood cut to assemble 10 more at a later date.

Anyhow, we loaded all this in my truck and hauled back to the house. John had fun unloading the wood and stacking it into it's respective pile.

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